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drypoint etching of wren

'Wren' is a small dry point etching, printed onto 250gsm Somerset Satin paper. This is my first drypoint on aluminium and I really like how it turned out. The aluminium was soft enough to scratch into easily and also allowed for working into with sand paper to get the darker textures on the branch.

drawing of wren

Like most of my prints the first stage was to draw out the design in my sketchbook. I transfered the drawing to the aluminium plate in the same was as do for lino, using the  carbon tranfer method. However, due to the shiny surface of the metal the transfer is never as clear so requires a little more re-working.

I added colour to this print ‘a la poupee’ meaning the brown ink is added to the same plate over the top of the black. This is a varied edition with different amounts of brown ink being added to each, some are very subtle while others are more colourful.

wren drypoint

And here is the finished print. Printed on 250gsm Somerset Satin paper with Cranfield Caligo safe wash oil-based ink.

This will eventually be a limited edition of 20 prints.


Paper size: 19 x 21.5cm
Actual print size: 10 x 10cm


drypoint etching of wren
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