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'The Other Side'

snake skeleton lino print

'The Other Side' is a hand printed lino cut of snake/snake skeleton. This print symbolises my love of the natural as well as mystical worlds. I'm fascinated with life and death and the spaces in between.

This is a highly detailed print and took some time to carve. I had to take lots of breaks to be sure I didn't get impatient with the scales! That said I do generally find lino carving to be a rather meditative process.

This print is loosley based on the pattern of the British Adder and it took quite some time to find a good reference for the skull.

It's printed on to Thai Mulberry paper. At just 40gsm this is a very thin paper. However due to the longer fibres used it also relatively tough.

And here is the finished print. Printed on 40gsm Thai Mulberry paper with Cranfield Caligo safe wash oil-based ink.

This will eventually be a limited edition of 50 prints.

Actual print size: 41 x 31cm
Paper size: 50 x 39cm

snake skeleton linocut
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