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Super Seconds Festival

I'm excited to be taking part in Super Seconds Festival

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th October 2023

The link below will take you to my Etsy store, where from 10am on October 7th, all discounts to  seconds and old stock will be applied. Seconds are prints that are still good quality, but have minor flaws, such as slight misalignment, or an inky mark in the border.

Free UK delivery on everything!

king rat 3.jpg

Up to 60% Off!!

This will be my biggest Super Seconds Festival sale yet! I will have a range of discounts, starting at 40% all the way up to 60%! All the prints featured here will be available, plus many more! Some prints will have several copies available, while for others there will just be one or two, so make sure to shop early if there is a print you really want!

20% Off Full Price Prints!!

There will be 20% off all full price prints with the code SUPERSECONDS

Check out the line up of all 250 independent makers here:

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